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Protective Glazing – Adding Impact Resistance with The Right Silicone Sealants
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Silicone building products - enabling innovation and excellence for the world's construction industry.

With solutions to protect, restore and improve performance across the building envelope, the GE Silicones family of sealant and coating products offer a complete solution for every project.

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Weatherproof. Resilient. Sustainable.

Protect your building against wet weather, air intrusions, damaging UV and extreme temperatures, with GE Elemax™ Air and Water-Resistive Barrier Coatings.

RF100 Reinforcing Fabric (AWB)

Add an extra layer of proven protection in critical areas, with high-tensile, high tear strength RF100 Reinforcing Fabric.

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GE Elemax™ 2600 AWB

GE Elemax 2600 AWB offers seamless, long-lasting protection for your building envelope.

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GE Elemax™ SS Flashing

Prevent air and water from penetrating critical joints and cavities - ensure complete protection for your building envelope with GE Elemax SS Flashing.

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UltraSpan UST/USM Silicone

Protect and seal every part of your building envelope with confidence, with UltraSpan UST/USM silicone accessories.

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GE Elemax™ 5000 Liquid Flashing

Create a lasting, weatherproof seal for critical junctures with GE Elemax 5000 liquid flashing.

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Beauty meets strength.

Create a seamless, waterproof membrane - enhance and preserve building exteriors with GE Silicones Architectural Coatings.

GE SilShield™ 3100 Silicone Elastomeric Coating

Defend against water leaks. Benefit from long lasting, high performance protection in nearly any color. Keep your building looking beautiful for the long haul with SilShield 3100 coating.

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GE Optic™ Translucent Silicone Coating

When a building façade leaks - forget major renovations or temporary fixes. GE Optic Translucent Silicone coating provides the lasting solution.

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Innovation at the edge.

Seal in lasting performance and energy efficiency in insulating glass systems. Secure sweeping views and enable modern architectural marvels with GE Silicones Insulating Glass Sealants.

GE IGS3760 Sealant

Maintain lasting protection and unobstructed views in dual-sealed gas and air-filled insulating glass units with IGS3760 sealant.

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GE IGS3723 Sealant

Outstanding adhesion and strength come together in GE Silicones IGS3723 sealant - making it the ideal choice for edge seals in structural and non-structural insulating glass units.

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GE IGS3713 Sealant

Get powerful performance from an edge sealant that's made to last, with GE Silicones IGS3713 sealant.

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GE IGS3103 Sealant

IGS3103 is an effective, quick cure sealant for everyday insulating glass applications. Offering high strength and adhesion properties, this one-part system is made from 100% silicone and maintains bond strength for decades.

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GE IGS3763 Sealant

Maintain lasting protection and unobstructed views in dual-sealed gas and air-filled insulating glass units, with IGS3763 sealant.

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Protection and strength anywhere people live.

Create flexible, weatherproof residential window and door systems that are made to last, with GE Silicones Residential Glazing Sealants.

GE RapidStrength Adhesive

Improve productivity and efficiency in your window, door, and structural applications, with RapidStrength adhesive.

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GE SCS2811 SilGlaze II Sealant

Ensure your window and door systems are backbedded to last, with SCS2811 SilGlaze II sealant.

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GE SCS2800 SilGlaze II Sealant

SCS2800 SilGlaze II sealant is a reliable, multi-purpose silicone sealant and adhesive suitable for a wide range of door, window, glazing and general purpose sealing. This one-part sealant is easy to use and builds strength and adhesion quickly.

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Weatherproof. Seamless. Long lasting. Promotes energy efficiency.

Extend the life of a roof by decades. Create seamless, waterproof barriers and stop leaks with Enduris™ Silicone Roof Coatings.

GE Enduris 3500 Coating

Protect and extend roof life with GE Enduris 3500 silicone, a high-solids, primerless roof coating.

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GE Enduris 3400 Coating

Protect and extend the life of your roof with GE Enduris 3400 silicone, primerless roof coating.

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GE Enduris* Asphalt Bleed Blocker

Prevent unsightly bleed-through and asphaltic staining, with GE Enduris Asphalt Bleed Blocker. It's the perfect basecoat for GE Enduris silicone roof coating.

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GE Enduris™ Liquid Flashing

Close cracks and prevent damage from water leaks, mold, mildew, rot and rust, with Enduris Liquid Flashing.

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SWS Sealant (Roof Coating)

SWS sealant is neutral-cure with excellent adhesion and weatherproofing properties.

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RF100 Reinforcing Fabric (Roof Coating)

Get extra protection in key areas with high tensile, high tear strength RF100 Reinforcing Fabric. Combine with our silicone coatings for an extra layer of effective, long term protection.

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Design to fascinate.

Push the boundaries of building design with time-tested, precision-engineered GE Silicones Structural Silicone Glazing (SSG) Sealants.

GE SCS1200 Construction Sealant

Permanently flexible with excellent adhesion, it forms a strong, waterproof seal that can withstand harsh weather for decades.

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GE SCS2000 SilPruf™ Sealant

Withstand high joint movement and weather exposure for decades, with  SCS2000 SilPruf sealant.

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GE SSG4000AC Sealant

SSG4000AC UltraGlaze sealant has the strength, stability, and long-term resilience you expect from a high performance silicone structural glazing system.

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GE SSG4650 Sealant

Design and build to new heights. Create unparalleled, uninterrupted views, with GE Silicones SSG4650 UltraGlaze sealant.

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GE SSG4000 Sealant

SSG4000 UltraGlaze sealant makes innovative structural glazing systems possible, with proven weatherproofing performance in the most demanding environments.

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GE SSG4400 Sealant

Seal out extreme weather and ensure a resilient bond between glass and substrate with SSG4400 UltraGlaze* sealant.

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GE SSG4600 Sealant

Maximum design flexibility and exceptional performance come together in SSG4600 UltraGlaze sealant.

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Primers from GE Silicones SSG

GE Primers deliver strong, consistent adhesion to substrates and finishes that are difficult to bond.

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Performance in motion.

Guard building exteriors against wet weather, extreme temperature, damaging UV and air intrusion, with GE Silicones Weatherseal.

GE SCS2000 Sealant

Ensure resilient, long-lasting joint strength in new or remedial applications with GE SCS2000 Sealant.

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GE SCS2350 Sealant

Benefit from reliable, long term defense against air and water penetration, with GE SCS2350 Sealant.

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GE SCS2700 LM Sealant

Form dependable joint seals that are made to last, with SCS2700 SilPruf LM sealant.

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GE SCS9000 NB Sealant

Repel airborne dust and dirt, reduce streaking and maintain the appeal of your building with SCS9000 SilPruf NB sealant.

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GE SCS1000 Contractors Sealant

SCS1000 Contractors sealant has everything  you want in an acetoxy-cure silicone sealant - it's a versatile solution for a range of projects.

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GE SCS1700 Sanitary

Ensure a clean, long-lasting seal with SCS1700 Sanitary sealant. This silicone sealant remains resistant to mold and mildew growth, year after year.

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GE SWS Sealant

Protect your building from water and air intrusion, with GE Silicones SWS sealant.

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Primers from GE Silicones Weatherseal

Primers from GE Silicone Weatherseal deliver strong, consistent adhesion to substrates and finishes that are difficult to bond.

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US1100 UltraSpan Weatherstrip

Keep weather out of hard-to-seal areas with US1100 UltraSpan weatherstrip.

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UltraSpan UST2200 Transition Sheet

Protect your building from the elements, with UST2200 Transition Sheets.

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